Loan Application Checklist

In general, the documentation you will need includes:
Loan Application Online/Face To Face/ over the Phone.

Property Information (if you already have a contract on a house)
Purchase Agreement.
Copy of legal description and MLS sheet.
If you are selling your current home, copy of listing contract.
If you have sold your current home, copy of settlement statement (HUD-1).

Income & Assets

Pay stubs for the last 30 days.
  For the past two years:

Names and addresses of each employer.

Statements for each bank, for the last one month, (All Pages) Showing Your Full name, Account number and address.
401K, Investment, Mutual Funds. Only if it is necessary to show.
  If you have made any large deposits to your accounts:

Explanation and source for deposit.

If large deposit was a gift:

Signed gift letter (lender can supply).

Copy of gift check.

Copy of deposit receipt.
Purchase Transaction please Provide copy of the Earnest
Money Deposit Check front and back form your bank account.
  If you own more than 25% of a business:

Corporate or partnership tax returns.
  If self-employed:

Tax returns for the last Two years (with schedules).

Year-to-Date Profit and Loss Statement prepared by an accountant.
  If you own rental property:

Tax returns for the last two years and current rental agreements.
  If you are retired:

Pension Award Letter, Social Security Award Letter
  If you are on Work Visa

Copy of the H1B,L1, EAD Card Front and Back
  If you Own any other Real Estate (Free and Clear or Mortgaged)

Need property Tax and Insurance Bills for all properties Owned. if Condo need HOA bills.

Need Estimated Value of each property owned.


Names, addresses, account numbers, balances and monthly payments on all loans not showing on the credit report.
Explanation of credit report anomalies, including:

Late payments, credit inquiries in the last 90 days, charge-offs, collections, judgments and/or liens.

Bankruptcy filed within last seven years (bring a copy of your bankruptcy papers).

Lock Loan Deposit

We may need a $500 Deposit when you are ready to lock your loan. All deposits will be refunded once the loan is funded by


Photo ID and proof of Social Security number.
Residence addresses for the past two years.
If applicable, a copy of your divorce decree.
If you are not a citizen, a copy of the front and back of your green card.



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